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HPWO Adopts New Technologies!

Greenway Medical Technologies provides Health Partners with an innovative EHR software-on-demand suite designed to allow our staff to function at the highest level of efficiency.

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Health Partners of Western Ohio - Integrated Model of Care

Our goal at Health Partners of Western Ohio is to give you and your family the best health care possible.

The providers at Health Partners of Western Ohio are your family caregivers. We will take care of you and your family's health throughout your lifetime. We want to see you for regular health check ups and when you are ill. Our number one priority is keeping you physically and mentally healthy.

Integrated Model of Care

To do this we implement an integrated model of care. Multiple healthcare providers will be visiting you to discuss your health, because we are here to take care of all of your health care needs. Charges will vary for each of these servicesm but Health Partners is dedicated to working with patients to keep costs reasonable.